You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.

– Marianne Williamson

Executive coaching is a powerful, thought-provoking, and non-directive approach that allows clients to find their power within and step into their highest potential.


What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful, thought-provoking, and non-directive approach that allows clients to find their power within and step into their highest potential. By interrupting and challenging existing thought patterns through curious and intuitive questions, supporting a client through exploration and discovery, and creating a safe and sacred space, clients are able to uncover new, productive ways of thinking that drive forward momentum and allow them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs, high-performing leaders, and athletes unlock their potential, walk in their power, and nourish their souls through coaching and learning facilitation.

Our Vision

To support and inspire entrepreneurs, high-performing leaders, and athletes to amplify their voices, shift their mindsets, and trust their intuition to go after their dreams and goals and make their mark in this world.

Hi, I'm Tarra!

I am an experienced professional with 20+ years working in leadership development and coaching/mentoring across many fields including entrepreneurship, financial services, marketing and performing arts. With pursuing my passions and dreams at the forefront, hard work as my rocket fuel, and ‘butterflies mean go’ as my guide, a less than linear path has led me here today, pursuing my passion as your coach. My greatest desire is to support people in reaching their highest potential and know the power that lives within them; to be a sounding board, thinking partner, to challenge my clients’ limiting beliefs, and hold up a mirror to their brilliance.

Full Service Executive Coaching:

1:1 Coaching

At Innovative Coaching & Development, we specialize in working with ambitious, purpose-driven, high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs when they are looking to amplify their voice, step up in their leadership, and shift their mindset…

Team Mindset Coaching

Innovative Coaching & Development works with athletic teams to help prepare them for competition. Through workshops, we teach visualization how to’s, the power of a positive mindset, and mental readiness to strengthen team performance and achieve outstanding results. 

Master Your Mindset, Transform Your Game – Unleash Your Full Athletic Potential. 

Speaking Engagements & Seminars

Through lived experience and knowledge, the team at Innovative Coaching & Development shares tangible perspective in a matter of fact, uplifting, and heart-centred style. Our goal is for people to leave inspired and ready to grow….


Introducing Sweatpants Social Club!

A space for small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to connect, learn + grow your circle!

Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned vet, everyone is welcome. 

Events are held monthly.


Coming soon!

Think fun personal development with a focus on leadership. Empowering, elevating, innovative, and always with some dancing! Nurture your spirit, ignite your passions, and grow!

Change is hard at first,
messy in the middle,
and gorgeous at the end.

– Robin Sharma

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