“Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.”

– Oprah Winfrey

"What I need in a Coach is the ability to get me out of my own head, stop the chatter and help me look forwards. I feel grateful to have been able to benefit from Tarra’s ability to do exactly these things for me and get me to a place of clarity. Thank you, Tarra!"
Jackie Connelly, BFA, CPHR
Manager, People & Strategy, Doctors of BC
"If you had asked me 3 months ago my opinion on coaching, I would have given you a negative response and brushed it off; but after working with Tarra, my entire mentality around coaching has changed, let alone the growth and support I've had from her coaching. Tarra is an incredibly empathetic and warm coach who makes it feel as if she is walking alongside you in your journey of coaching, growth and discovery. She has been an immense support during a difficult time in my career and created a space that allowed me to feel safe sharing and being vulnerable, while also guiding me through discovering my options, my strengths, and, in all honesty, reminding me of the badass that I am. EVERYONE should have a coach, regardless of what stage they are in their career or life. Thank you Tarra!!"
Gabriela Estrada
Sport Leader
"I had a productive time working with Tarra. She helped me streamline my ideas and was a wonderful sounding board for my creative concepts. Very supportive and positive, I definitely saw results in my time working with her!"
Melena Rounis
Film & Television Choreographer
"I worked with Tarra for a number of months and benefitted from her skillful coaching.  Not having known Tarra prior to our engagement, we quickly established a comfortable rapport and settled into a trusted relationship.  Tarra was exceptional in ensuring clear goals were established for each session, helping me find the answers within myself to the items we explored, and ensuring we ended each session with clear takeaways for action.  Tarra was professional and encouraging while being an active and exceptional listener.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tarra and my leadership journey certainly benefitted as a result of our partnership."
Gail Collins
Vice President,
People & Corporate Affairs (Interim),
Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro
"From our first conversation, Tarra was dialed in to my goals and challenges. Change is not a straight line and Tarra expertly held space for discovery and re-definition while steadily tracking towards my underlying aims. Over several months, Tarra’s extraordinary coaching cleared the way for me to recognize and flip limiting self-talk, elevate my voice and identify my ideal career path. I would highly recommend her to any professional at the base of a career leap."
Christine Vandebeek
Chief Strategy Officer,
EFFECTEGY Consulting Inc